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Alchemy Kings

Alchemy Kings, Inc. stemmed from a similar company GreenZone Properties. Due to its legal structure, GreenZone could only raise money from accredited investors (high net worth individuals). In promoting the fund, several non-accredited investors expressed an interest in investing but were unable to do so.

To address this demand, Alchemy Kings was formed as a Regulation A+ fund, thus allowing a separate investment opportunity to non-accredited investors.

Investment Objectives

The establishment of the fund allowed us to invest in a wide variety of business objectives, all centering around real estate and the acquisition/development of small businesses.

The Fund was designed to partner with existing businesses and provide them with financing and resources needed to help them expand. We specifically targeted small companies where we could 

Alchemy Kings Logo

make the largest impact while still allowing others to manage the day to day operations. In addition to funding, we would provide business counseling and increased visibility through improved marketing.

The name of the company stems from the first business that we pursued. It was a testing lab that would test consumer products for the presence of things such as pesticides, pathogens, microbes (such as E. coli or mold) heavy metals, nutritional content, product purity, etc. 

Testing lab
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