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Mark Scarola in Corinna, ME
  • Raised $1.2 million in investor capital

  • Established two private placement syndications (investment funds)

  • Presented real estate development plans at a City Council meeting to board members and local residents (left)

  • Met with government officials including mayors, a governor, and a senator to help promote our employment generating real estate development programs

  • Presented at national real estate conference breakout sessions

Mark Scarola presenting in Atlanta
  • Created and organized a real estate networking and educational group. Learn more.

  • Recruited as a guest speaker on investment oriented podcasts and networking events

  • Graduated at the top of my class, completed two theses, and was the Outstanding Psychology of the Year. Learn more.

CJREI presentation
Job Performance
  • Earned six peer-nominated job performance awards

  • Helped to reduce corporate overhead saving an employer $26,000 annually

  • Interviewed, hired, and trained coworkers

  • Established a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization including a 148-page application submitted to the IRS to obtain tax-exempt status. Visit Encouragemint's website.

  • Started seven businesses from scratch

  • Taught myself web design and created a series of simple websites

Social Justice
  • Arranged for a cultural sensitivity training that focused on institutional racism, white privilege, prejudice reduction, and conflict resolution

  • Designed a community resource workshop for the Latino population of Greater Boston addressing legal, financial, citizenship, educational, and other issues

  • Worked at an inner city youth center

Research Skills
  • Presented research findings at six different regional conferences

  • Prepared two manuscripts for publication in research journals

  • Awarded $1475 research grant as an undergraduate student

  • See list of research projects

Conflict Resolution
  • Saved a project by coordinating with a company executive and the only architect in a three-county area who were at an impasse and unwilling to work with each other.

  • Removed an intoxicated student from a classroom, provided counseling, and found her transportation home.

Mark Scarola at Crowd Converge

Personality Traits

  • Ethical

  • Integrous (having integrity)

  • Trustworthy

  • Respectful

  • Committed

  • Reliable

  • Organized

  • Detail Oriented

  • Planful

  • Prepared

  • Thorough

  • Diligent

  • Strong Writing Skills

  • Articulate 

  • Solution-Focused

  • Strategic

  • Flexible

  • Creative

City Planning Meeting
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