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Points of Interest

The following is a glimpse into my personal life. I enjoy traveling and so many of the facts described below involve my travel in some capacity.

  1. Horseback riding on the beach in San Diego, CA. 

  2. ​Spring Break in Spartanburg, SC while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.​

  3. Olney, IL is known for it high population of white squirrels.

  4. While on a business trip in Detroit we took some time off to go axe throwing.

  5. A shop in Indiana is known for their square donuts.

  6. In 2003, while driving cross-country I saw a pair of two-headed calves. 

  7. As a child I was a baseball fan. This picture was when I was six years old.

  8. Off the beaten path in Lebanon, Kansas is a small monument marking the precise geographic center of the contiguous United States.

  9. Kayaking in New Jersey with my nephew. I have five nephews and two nieces.

  10. The tan map shows the path I drove in 2018 when I moved to California.

  11. My high score in bowling is 234.

  12. In Ocean City, MD a friend of mine got caught in a rip tide. I swam out to rescue her (and even made it out there before the lifeguards).

  13. I once went spelunking in West Virginia. The actual cave was much more narrow than the one in the picture above. A bat landed on someone's helmet.

  14. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern United States. These pictures are from Belmar, NJ the day after the storm. A few days later I put together a group of nearly fifty volunteers to help clean up the damage. 

  15. Eventually I hope to have traveled to all fifty states. For now, the forty states in green are the ones I've spent at least some time in. The ones in yellow I simply passed through, and those in white I've never been to.

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