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GreenZone Properties

GreenZone Properties, LLC aimed to develop raw land and erect industrial buildings as well as to rehab buildings in small towns where we could make both a profit and a social impact.


GreenZone Properties, LLC established a Regulation D, Rule 506(c) private placement fund, while its sister company created a Regulation A+ fund. This permitted GreenZone Properties to raise capital from accredited investors (high net worth individuals). With an email database of 2.5 million people along with strong social media presence that included over a million LinkedIn group members, GreenZone Properties sought to raise capital to develop raw land and erect industrial properties in Southern California as well as to partake in other development and rehab partnerships with a focus on community revitalization.

Unfortunately at the end of 2019, GreenZone Properties went out of business. 

GreenZone Logo

The Triangle

Intended to be the Company's signature project, GreenZone Properties purchased this triangular shaped piece of land in Riverside County, CA. The city was very open to working with developers and upon hiring an experienced contractor who was well known and respected by city officials, the project was off to a strong start.

Triangle Outline
Map of buildings
Triangle Appraisal

The images above show an outline of the two parcels of land that together made up the property along with the layout of the proposed ten buildings. The colors represent different sizes ranging from 12,000 to 27,000 square feet for a total square footage of 162,012.

Below is an architect's rendering of one of the buildings, designed to look and feel less like a warehouse and more like an office complex. 

Industrial building

Hydro-Electric Power Plant

Corinna is a small town in rural Maine where historically a majority of the population worked at one of the mills. Today much of their population has moved away and those remaining are mostly of retirement age.

The intention was to purchase one of the mills and rehab it. Being alongside a river it was anticipated that the site could generate 600,000 kilowatt

River alongside future hydro plant.

hours of hydro-electric power a year. The energy created would be sold to the community for less than their current electricity rates. GreenZone further intended to divide the mill itself into units that would be rented to local entrepreneurs, establishing a business incubator to bring jobs back to this once vibrant community.

Restaurant and Gas Station

Dorris, CA

In Northern California along the Oregon border lies a small town called Dorris. For many people this is just a town they travel through on their way to another destination. But its remote location and the fact that the highway forces drivers to slow down as they pass through Main Street made it an enticing candidate for development. 

After purchasing the building highlighted in yellow, GreenZone began to rehab it. The company also secured an agreement with Subway Restaurants to open a franchise at the location. Across the street, was a gas station that was nearly acquired. 

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