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Additional Highlights

Work Samples

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Making the case that San Diego needs more housing for middle income households

Five year multifamily proforma with lender underwriting assumptions built in

Market Analysis of San Diego multifamily sector (2022)

Feasibility of a mixed-use 22.5 acre ground lease development at Naval Base Point Loma

Research Summary

  • Presented research findings at six different regional conferences

  • Prepared two manuscripts for publication in research journals

  • Awarded a $1475 research grant as an undergraduate student

  • Completed two thesis projects

  • Employed as a research assistant for a meta-analytic analysis on AIDS treatments

Examined factors that led to successful and unsuccessful long-distance dating relationships in college students.


  • Conducted literature reviews

  • Administered psychological inventories (tests)

  • Statistically analyzed data

  • Developed new psychological questionnaires

Studied specific techniques and strategies used by mental health therapists in coping with job-related burnout.

Topics Studied

  • Psychological burnout in therapists

  • Long-distance dating

  • Reading skills in children

  • Maintaining an exercise regimen

  • AIDS treatment

Research Projects

Scarola, M. (2002, August). Coping techniques and strategies for therapist burnout: A descriptive exploration. Poster presented at the Smith College School for Social Work Poster Session, Northampton, MA.

Scarola, M. (2000, May). Long-distance dating relationships in first-year college women. Undergraduate thesis successfully defended, Syracuse, NY.

Daisey, D. M., Scarola, M., & Eckert, T. L. (1999, May). Improving oral reading: An examination of the efficacy of combining skill-based and performance-based interventions. Poster presented at the Psychology Department Undergraduate Poster Session, Syracuse, NY.

Scarola, M., Foels, R., & Durant, L. (1999, April). Gender differences in exercise maintenance: The stages of change exercise measure-2. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Providence, RI.

Foels, R., Scarola, M., Durant, L., Wolfe, L., & Samuels, A. (1999). Measuring exercise acquisition: Stage versus continuous models of behavior change. Unpublished manuscript.

Scarola, M. (1998, November).

Maintenance of exercise behavior: The need for a stages of change exercise measure-2. Poster presented for the Syracuse University Board of (Philanthropic) Visitors, Syracuse, NY.

Volunteer Activities

  1. Crisis hotline telephone counselor at Contact Community Services

  2. United Way grant allocation review team member

  3. Participated in Habitat for Humanity building events

  4. Organized a group of approximately fifty people to assist in Hurricane relief (cleanup and light construction)

  5. Volunteered to work with children of single parents residing in a domestic violence shelter

  6. Tutored children in grades 3-6

  7. Went on group social outings with mental health patients at Riverview Medical Center

  8. Started a nonprofit organization called Encouragemint that helped organize community service events including the two described below.

Samantha Carroll

Helping to raise awareness for a family run animal shelter outside of Philadelphia, specializing in finding homes for cats.

Ashley's balloons

After Hurricane Sandy (2012), I solicited items for families most affected, including this one in Ocean County, NJ.

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