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Peaceful Property Solutions

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Peaceful Property Solutions, LLC was formed in 2013 initially as a mortgage note investment company. Its intention was to purchase and work with delinquent residential mortgage loans (also known as "notes").

In fact, it was the ability to help struggling homeowners that attracted Mark to this field in the first place. It was a way for Mark to use his counseling background. Calls were made to borrowers often facing the threat of foreclosure or bankruptcy. By working with these borrowers to understand their situation (e.g. job loss,

loss of a spouse, medical problems, etc.), the Company could not only get them paying on their mortgage loans again, but also keep them in their homes.

The Company later branched out into rental properties and business partnerships. This includes limited consulting services such as preparing market analysis reports and managing marketing campaigns.


A number of resources were put together for the website. Although the website has been taken offline, you can click the links below to view some of those resources. Please keep in mind that this information is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only and no guarantees about the quality of the content or accuracy of the links is provided. These resources are no longer updated.

Links to agencies and articles including:

  • Finding a housing counselor

  • Foreclosure help

  • Loan Modification Scam Warnings

  • Credit Counseling Programs

  • Foreclosure Rescue Scams

  • Hardship distributions from your retirement plan

  • Viewing your credit report for free

  • Learn about your FICO score

Debt management companies talk a good game offering to save you money. Acting on your behalf they promise to negotiate or reduce your overall debt and monthly payments.

Before engaging a company like this, learn what you can do yourself, how they get paid, how to make sure you hire a reputable company, and what other concerns you should consider, like how their help may impact your credit and/or taxes.

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