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Central Jersey

Real Estate Investors

Central Jersey Real Estate Investors (CJREI) was formed in  Monmouth County New Jersey when Mark saw that there were no other real estate investor networking groups in the county. He formed CJREI with the goal of providing local investors and prospective investors alike a place to learn and connect with others.

Tired of traveling 60-90 minutes to network with other investors because there were no closer groups, Mark took it upon himself to create a new organization that he named Central Jersey Real Estate Investors. What started in a library study room with six people quickly grew into a regular monthly event with an average attendance of 20-30 people and a total membership of over 150.

CJREI logo

Mark interviewed specialists and brought in guest speakers from around the country. He led a mock foreclosure auction and personally spoke on a variety of different topics. His intention the entire time was on quality education, insisting that guest speakers not pitch their products and services.

CJREI Meeting

Each meeting would have a main topic, which often involved a guest speaker. Other meetings may have included a case study where a member of our group discussed an actual deal that they were in the midst of or recently completed; providing a great opportunity to see how someone else was able to accomplish what another member may be hoping to do, learning from both their accomplishments and their mistakes. Finally, our meetings would typically wrap up with an open discussion about the current topic or questions that investors wanted to run past the group and get some feedback.

Sample Meeting Topics

Below is a sampling of the first twenty meetings. The very first meeting took place on July 10, 2014. Though Mark is no longer managing the group as of late 2017, meetings continue to be held monthly. You can see what the current group is up to by clicking here.


  1. Great meeting last night, very good presentation with useful handouts and valuable insights... it's great to see and hear someone who just wants to help people succeed.

  2. Thanks Mark. It was a great meeting and I enjoyed networking with the group.

  3. That was a great meeting, my first. It was a nice meeting listening to everyone. A lot of good information was shared throughout the night.

  4. Outrageous! I made two great contacts for my business and learned a lot.

  5. Very much enjoyed the real life content. Enjoyed talking to a mix of new and seasoned investors. I found it highly informative, and really have to compliment the desire of Mark to promote helping others. 

CJREI Meeting
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